IEG data analysis workshop 2018 is coming

IEG will hold Data Analysis Workshop 2018 on every Friday 3:30 to 5:00 pm in SRTC board room from Oct 12 to Dec 21. Current schedule is as below. Further changes will be announced. Please contact daliang ( to be included in the email list if you are interested. IEG members are already in the email list.

(1) Oct 12, Sequencing
Overview of data analysis methods and tools in workshop 2018.
Amplicon sequencing data pre-processing: Galaxy pipeline; ASAP pipeline (New, web-based interface).

(2) Oct 19, Diversity
DADA2 (New)
Alpha and beta diversity, taxonomic and phylogenetic diversity
Estimation of coverage and species pool (New)

(3) Oct 26, Comparison
Dimension reduction: PCA DCA NMDS PCoA PCNM
Comparison: dissimilarity test, dispersion, specificity, response ratio, effect size, etc.
Show difference on large tree (New)

(4) Nov 2, Linkage-1
Vector-based: Correlation test, partial correlation, linear model, GLM, HLM, etc.
Matrix-based: Mantel, partial mantel, MRM, CCA/RDA, distance-based RDA, VPA, etc.
Adjusted and cross validated R squared
P adjustment

(5) Nov 9, Linkage-2 (New)
SEM: structural equation modeling
Merchine Learning

(6) Nov 16, Linkage-3
Network analysis pipeline
Network visulization (New)

(7) Nov 30, Mechanisms
Spatial and temporal patterns: taxa area relationship, distance decay, time decay, etc.
Community assembly mechanisms: stochasticity, ecological processes, etc.

(8) Dec 7, Metagenomics
Assembly-based analysis
Read-based analysis
Eco-Fun Map pipeline (New)

(9) Dec 15, Function
GeoChip data analysis
Infer function from sequencing data (New)

(10) Dec 21, Future
Developing tools/pipelines
Overview of workshops and problems
How to organize data analysis workshops in future


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